Die TierRettung Ausland e.V. heißt Sie auf ihrer Internetseite herzlich willkommen!

TierRettung Ausland e.V. welcomes you to our web site


Who are we?

We are a small, but passionate animal welfare society, which is based in Siegburg and has members all over Germany. With flat hierarchies, short communication paths, creative actions, transparent donation tracking and enthusiastic team members we are currently working primarily with Hungarian animal welfare. We are a non-profit association. 

What are our goals?

Most of the Hungarian animal welfare activists, who try to do everything to support their dog fosterlings on site in a rough environment, are in dire need of help. They are missing feed for stray dogs, materials for shelter, medication, castration facilities and tools, personnel and sometimes even water and power. We cannot help all of them, but we try to pick selective cries for help, which we can support.

What about lobbying?

We want to create visibility of animal welfare in Eastern Europe and we want to make animal welfare socially acceptable. Do to that, we want to reward animal welfare and change the attitude towards animals in schools, but also raise awareness for animal welfare through contacts to industries, politics and other serious animal welfare societies.

What are we doing?

We have fosterlings, such as the facility in Kaposvar, which get support from us through donation deliveries since June 2012. We want to document all of that, we would like to show you, where your donations are going. You can pick for yourself, which of our projects you would like to support. 

Do you have ideas or project suggestions?

We are very happy, that you are interested in our engagement and we thank you for your support, without that we would not be even half as efficient on site. And this highly motivates us to continue with our animal welfare journey.
If you have any ideas for support projects, please get in contact with us!

Collaborative support!

If you are in doubt regarding our work or foreign animal welfare in general, you are invited to join us for one of our next trips to Hungary. All interested people can register themselves to accompany one of the next trips. We would be very happy about any active participation, people who want to join us and who want to travel with us. Get your own view on animal welfare with passion and about help, which really reaches the ones in need.

We look forward to you!

TierRettung Ausland e.V.